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This About Us is good as it should be. Inquiring for About Us are listed. With questions about romance and sex, daily routines and the life of your dreams, All About Us will help you and your partner discover more about yourselves and each other than you ever imagined possible. Destined to become the must-have gift for weddings, Valentine's Day, anniversaries, and any occasion with someone special, this is an irresistible treasure. Name a habit of your partner that you have proudly accepted. Unlike dry record books that merely account for dates and names, All About Us gets to the heart of the matter by asking the questions that partners may be desperately curious about but hesitant to bring up, such as: If you could change one of your partner's body parts, what would it be? You have drawn blood in a fight with an ex (yes/no). All About Me has given thousands of readers insight into the thoughts, feelings, and events that uniquely shape their lives. Whether you fill it out together, separately, or ask and answer questions aloud, this unique book will help you to deepen your relationship and discover that, once again, love is the answer. All About Us brings a new level of honesty and self-revelation to all couples. Now Philipp Keel has created an even more personal collection of fascinating questions--a fun, non-threatening tool designed to help couples deepen their relationships. The author of the phenomenally popular All About Me now presents a powerfully revealing book for couples, filled with thought-provoking questions to capture your relationship in a meaningful yet fun way.

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